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If you are interested in a position please forward a CV to havefun slowdating. Great company to work for where we go the extra mile to ensure the numbers are equal at the events. Every event is different and I get to interact with such varied groups. I love being a part of something larger that makes a difference. Eleisha — Head Office "I love organising and hosting the events. Offering people, the opportunity to meet local singles is very exciting!

Aimee — Bristol "Working doesn't even feel like work with Slow Dating.!. You get to pull out your Cupid's bow and make people's evening! Nana Wereko-Brobby, founder of elite members' club Social Concierge, which operates in London and New York, is urging singletons to go back to basics and meet people face-to-face. For those who have become overwhelmed with too many options or grown tired of swiping right, the latest trend advocates ditching apps and going offline, and Nana says there are certain techniques that are helpful to have in your arsenal when you're looking for love the 'old-fashioned' way.

Dating boat party

Nana Wereko-Brobby explains that slow dating is the key to finding love offline instead of meeting more people through apps she says taking a few steps back and spending more time on fewer people is the secret to success file photo. You don't have to ditch dating apps altogether, but Nana points out that technology can make it all too easy for people to replace their first dates and move on quickly.

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The matchmaking expert reveals she always tells her clients that with app-based dating, singletons often don't give their date a second chance after a disastrous meeting. First dates are essentially easy to come by but she says people should always make a promise to see the person again.

Nana explains that employing the tactic of always committing to a second date works better when you are meeting fewer people. If I wasn't sure how a date went I would always go on a second date - because it's not as if they were coming through my apps the whole time. Nana's golden rule for dating is to be happy in yourself before you look to meet someone, and by offering a dating coach as part of its premium package, Social Concierge can help people to do that, she said. It's a much more honest relationship with our clients. The concept of a seven hour date is mapping out an entire day if all goes well Nana explains.

Start with something simple, like meeting for coffee or a drink, then go for a walk, then a visit to a museum or exhibition, then on to dinner and perhaps a club.

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It helps tap into different sides of their personalities, says Nana, who explains you don't have to tell your potential love interest you intend to extend the date well beyond an hour or two - but you will have a rough itinerary in mind should things go well. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Could 'slow dating' hold the key to finding lasting love? Share this article Share. If there are groups of women, the single people will always scanning the room. With guys, they may only be half engaged with their friend the other half of their attention is on the room. Overhead, a plane whizzes by carrying a banner advertising, of all things, the release of a new Hilary Duff single.

Close to the southwest end of the Playpen, Las Vegas DJ Quira is soundtracking the acrobatics of professional dancers Leigh Ann Reilly and Amy Raven, who are taking turns on a stripper pole that's attached to the fly bridge of The Flying Lady , a foot Carver yacht owned by Chicago real estate agent and businessman David Izsak.

Slow Dating - Lock and Key Love Boat

Because straight males dominate boat ownership, the access to party hopping in the Playpen tends to be gendered and sexist in ways reminiscent of your average mainstream nightclubs. You've got to have a cute girl or a bottle," says a female real estate agent who frequents the Playpen despite unease with the gender politics of the place. Aboard Verry Necessary , a gaggle of women grinding on the stern hoist cups to salute the beefed-out bro bouncing his sizable pecs on beat as DJ Torio pumps out the latest EDM floor fillers. On the starboard side, cheers erupt for the guy suspended 30 feet in the air by a surge of water that shoots from a WaveRunner, through a tube, and into his "flyboarding" jetpack.

Everyone agrees he looks like some sort of aqua Rocketeer.

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The ship's rear end, meanwhile, is dipping frighteningly low into the water under the weight of too many passengers and a pair of ice chests filled with everything from tarted-up malt liquor to top-shelf tequila and vodka, much of it being consumed by people who haven't eaten today. So it's little surprise to find that by 1 PM, the toilet in the lower level reeks of sour vomit. Near the bathroom door, crammed against a case of Bud Light Mix-a-Ritas, a plastic bin overflows with strappy, bedazzled sandals and high heels that were shed to prevent scuffing the yacht during the dance party.

People are shaking ass and pumping fists, but Torio's set amounts to little more than a sustained series of buildups and bass drops. Each time the low end kicks in, a pair of built-in jets around the DJ booth release celebratory blasts of CO2 vapor.

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  7. Although this happens roughly every 45 seconds, the drunks don't seem to be tiring of the shtick. The extravagance of custom CO2 jets seems only slightly less silly when you consider that this particular vessel is co-owned by Chicago and Las Vegas nightlife promoter Brian Pfeiffer, whose company, Surreal, is in charge of getting bodies through the doors of spots like the Mid , Bodi, and Prohibit—places where people practically beg to be blasted with novelty semiliquids.

    Like other boat-owning nightlife entities that ply the Playpen, Surreal uses Verry Necessary the extra R in verry "just for the heck of it," Pfeiffer says as a literal vehicle for boosting attendance at the company's club events. You invite the girls and the high-end clients onto the boat, get them to meet each other.

    Then you take that party to the venue at night," Pfeiffer says. Some people just go home and pass out. But Playpen regulars say the appeal of carousing off the coast is that it feels more exclusive than any old nightspot. Instead of a velvet rope and a bouncer, a vast swath of the lake separates the in crowd from the gen pop. Lo," a mix of vodka, cognac, and Irish whiskey topped off with orange and pineapple juices.

    You can wear whatever you want—some people wear nothing, depending on the weather," Crystal says. While it's not entirely accurate to say lawlessness reigns out on this stretch of water, the magnitude of the Chicago Scene Boat Party and the free flow of people inhibit authorities' interference, according to a Chicago police officer who used to frequent the Playpen and was hired as security for Boat Scene. You have one or two police boats.

    What do you enforce? It's a good party, but how do you control it? Hovering on the outskirts of the Playpen, teams from the Chicago Police Department's marine unit, the Fire Department's marine rescue, and the U. Coast Guard seem to be playing it cool. If they aren't exactly looking the other way, they also aren't making any noticeable effort to break up anyone's fun. Which is good, because some of these boats are veritable floating pharmacies.

    You want coke, you can get coke. You want Molly, you can get Molly. You can get anything as long as you're tied to the right line," says a CPS teacher finishing a crawl down one of the Boat Scene's many chains.

    What lies at the bottom of the Playpen, Chicago's floating daytime clubland

    Even as I identify myself as a reporter on assignment, I'm twice offered a "bump" of coke. And yet despite the abundance of illegal substances—not to mention the general nonchalance about openly consuming them—authorities responded to zero drug-, alcohol-, or safety-related incidents during the party, according to a CPD spokesman. A handful of rather flimsy boating laws seem to aid the debauchery. For instance, vessels on the lake are required to have one life jacket per passenger, and operators' blood alcohol content can't exceed the legal limit,.