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Forsaken brings with it a new dungeon, The Shattered Throne. Bungie has previously said it would be delivering fresh new content on the reg, and The Shattered Throne definitely delivers. The Shattered Throne typically appears in week 3 or curse week, so you can plan ahead to try and complete it and find the Wish-Ender Exotic bow. Work your way through the city, jump down the elevator shaft and once you land, take a right and go down the corridor and through the portal. The symbol effectively represents where you need to go next, so head over to where the eagle is and fight off the next Architect.

The floor will open up, leading you to the next area. But what you want to do is follow the path down and the stairs back up. This next part is a little tricky, so send one person out part of the way on the first beam to lure the Ogres , then go back to the platform to quickly take them down.

Destiny Raid Matchmaking Suggestions

You simply need to get to the end, but there will be some Taken orbs blocking certain pathways so take your time. Move through the area as quickly as you can, taking care of the Taken enemies.

  • Destiny 2: Forsaken – The Shattered Throne!
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Jump through the field at the other side and cross the chasm ahead. Again, this next section is quite linear so take care of any enemies that spawn and carry on until you encounter the first boss in Eleusinia. There will also be some wizards called the Keepers of Petitions.

So I think they should at least have optional match making for level 26 Vault of Glass and level 30 Crota and keep the hard modes locked from matchmaking. Players would join at their own discretion and be aware that there might be afk players. And maybe add a vote to kick option maybe 4 or more votes could kick someone to fix the afk problem. This would fix a lot of problems for players that haven't raided before and will allow them to get experience in the raid and also meet new players to do hard mode with while getting new gear and weapons.

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I know there's LFG, but a lot of people aren't comfortable using it I guess. A lot of people think that I'm one of these people locked out from matchmaking.. I have 3 34's and have gotten every item from VoG and Crota. I just know way too many people that play Destiny and the only thing holding them back is not being able to do raids. Comment Reply Start Topic. Post History Loading, please wait. This may take some time They should implement a bulletin board type of feature in the Bungie App itself Like the classified section of a newspaper.

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Make looking for players more stream lined. Crotas end is easily solod at As for vault 3 manning hard mode isnt too bad. Theres a trick on atheon to avoid his teleport. Its too late bungie does not care about previous raids, if they did they would increase the level on them. If they dont bother increasing the raids level you thnk they would bother putting matchmaking on them? Too much work for them, sad but true my friend. Takes 3 ppl max to beat any lower lever raid. Optional, sometimes I just want to drop in and practice running lamps or grab the first chest.

All activities would be great!!!

Destiny 2: Forsaken – How to complete The Shattered Throne dungeon

Normal mode raids should definitely have matchmaking now. The only thing holding them back is them not bothering to use forums etc to find a raid group. I easily find one when my friends are not available. BUT they would have to add a vote kick system first. I support having matchmaking for VoG lvl26 and for 30CE. Do it on easy with some randoms then if they are good make a hard mode party.

So you're comfortable being thrown in randomly with people whilst having no clue about their gear, weapons or abilities, yet you AREN'T comfortable with LFG where you can actually get some of this info beforehand? Sorry, but your logic is all kinds of jacked off. I used to be against matchmaking for raids, but if the weekly can be done with one or two randoms with no vocal communication, then 6 strangers can all conquer a raid together. If this was all match made, or would be more simple.

There are plenty of Forums, Clans, Reddits, Twitch Channels etc where you can go and find people to do the Raids with.